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We can help you to get a better production, doing process optimisation beginning from grinding , mixing over forming up to packaging. Several years of field experience and with ideas to help you to become one of the best patty producer. For the forming sector, we have made a video to show you how you can rise your output up to 100% without building a new production line.

Only your imaginations are the limit, but we will help you to go beyond them!

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Get a better production and a higher output with a small investment.

Bringing automation and development to the production process is an important step.

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Production Process

Get a better production & a higher output.



- Identifying the bottlenecks in the production process

- Analyze the production process and the maintenance process

- Realizing the status of redundancy



- Bringing automation to the production process

- Using new techniques, developing a custom solution

- Optimisation of the production process



- Monitoring the changes

- Visualization of the production



- Lower costs per unit

- Less downtimes

- Higher profit

Forming machine synchronization as a boost for the complete process.

Small investment, fast payback, unbelievable improvement in performance.

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Synchronisation Video

Here is a video of our forming machine synchronization. Feel free to contact us for any further informations how to adapt this to your production process. It´s not only working with patties

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